TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Justinian Teculescu Bishop of the Army and General Inspector of the Romanian Military Clergy (1923-1924)
Justinian Teculescu was one of the four bishops of the Army Diocese based in Alba Iulia. He was at the same time a general inspector of the Romanian military clergy with the rank of brigadier general, in this capacity being concerned with the formation and education of a military clerical corps to serve the country through the institution of the Military Diocese of Alba Iulia in the various garrisons of Greater Romania. Between April 1923 and December 1924, together with a group of officers and representatives of the General Staff, the military priests Serafim Iosif, Ilie Hociotă and Ioan Dăncilă drew up a Regulation that would be useful to the garrison priest. At the same time, from the high confessional and military dignity he held, he took care of the moral education of the staff and troops, seeking to form a special, unique bond based on respect and trust, between the military command and the confessor of the unit, as well as between the confessor and troops.