TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Supper of Emmaus. „Simple dinner” or sacramental-eucharistic ritual? The contributionof St. Luke the Apostle in understanding the paschal theology of this episode
In the context of the impressive doctrinal density that Luke has provided to chapter 24 of his Gospel, there is a question that aroused many times, whether dinner at Emmaus was a Eucharistic celebration or not. Currently, discussions of exegetes lead to a double possibility of expressing Luke 24, 30-32.35: the „Eucharistic cliché” of blessing the bread or the „recognition” of risen Jesus in the breaking of the bread. In other news, they wonder whether the dinner at Emmaus is an intimate dinner of transcendent and eschatological nature where the objective of the narrative is to demonstrate that Jesus is risen and recognized through his typical gestures or it is a private eucharistic dinner where the risen Christ reveals Himself to His disciples in the breaking of the bread.