TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The theology of non-Christian religions - Eastern approach. Father Andrei Scrima’s hermeneutics
The second part of this essay captures the hermeneutics of the non-Christian religious traditions according to the theological vision of Father Andrei Scrima. The great theme of unity, the message of Christian Revelation, Anca Manolescu’s reflections on the theology of religions included in the work of Father Andrei are the subjects of this essay. Father Andrei’s writings of theology of religions can be divided into three main stages both chronologically and in terms of the privileged theological model. The author’s analysis indicates that compared theology is used in early writings, then the texts go towards an inclusivist model, so that in the final stage to have an open apophatic inclusiv- ism very close to a pluralistic model.