TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The mundane laughter and the metaphysical laughter
This essay is occasioned by Claudiu T. Ariesan’s volume History of Romanian comic (Timisoara, 2016), a volume that deals with an inexhaustible theme - the comic in general, and its manifesta- tions, customizations, its specificities in the Romanian mentality and culture. From an anthropo- logical and religious perspective there are two categories of comic (of laughter). First, mundane laughter, apparently generated by numerous contradictions appearance-essence, at this level. It has been carefully observed and diligently studied from antiquity to our own time. Then the metaphysi- cal laughter, supra mundane, broader, deeper, with high ontological justification: the contrast be- tween the ontological void of the being called human and his delusional claims that he would mean something in the space-time infinity in the economy of the world, of the Universe.