TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Sandu Tudor - brief evaluation of his literary work
Sandu Tudor is a little known poet especially because, for decades, his writings were banned. Who wanted to know about his artistic creation, until recently, had only two sources of reference, G. Calinescu’s History of Romanian Literature from origins to the present and Dumitru Micu’s study “The Thinking” and its current, in which the critic denies his poetic talent. However in the volume Comornic, we find some valuable poems. As dominant note, we can say that Sandu Tudor uses, most frequently, a bookish language, mostly archaic, tending to old ecclesiastical style. Ballad of the robber Knyaz and Version of mourning at dawn are written in a scholarly style, the writer using well-known folk themes in order to build a few domestic sequences of other times. Dumitru Micu considers the two ballads “constructions of remarkable virtuosity in which stylisation sometimes compensates to some extent its lack of lyricism.”