TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Heart in the heart of the nation
The personality of Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania has always been a complex one, bearing a series of roles wishing to make his duty towards our Nation, Church and God. The present article depicts the various facets of his personality and the way in which they formed a unitary whole in each of the causes for which he fought, although they were often from different worlds. Throughout his life, Bartolomeu Valeriu Ana- nia got involved in political problems, social and ecclesiastic issues, displaying a sense of balance, equi- distance, honesty and determination. The traits of his character also emerge from his involvement in a variety of collective actions such as the anticommunist and antirevisionist strike of the Cluj University in 1946, the time spent as a political prisoner, his support for obtaining the clause of the most favoured nation, and his interventions as a writer, speaker, founder, Archbishop and Metropolitan. Multiple im- portant cultural figures reflected on his role in each of these deeds and they were also registered by the collective conscience and the contemporary history. The difficult times he lived through built him, but they were also influenced by his personality as a man situated above the times. The name of Metropoli- tan Bartolomeu is now synonymous to numerous values of humanity, him being an Integral man.