TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Bishop Nicolae Colan and Bishop Iuliu Hossu, flashbacks of a brotherly closeness
The image of Bishop Nicolae Colan has a special glow because he was the only orthodox bishop who took care of the orthodox faithful în North-West Transilvania during the Horthy occupation. This important episode of his life, as well as the profile of a romanian world collapsed under the burden of unfulfilled ideals, but, especially, the warm brotherhood he cultivated with the greek-catholic Bishop Iuliu Hossu are some aspects highlighted în this small historical reenactment. Cluj was not exactly showing the image of a capitulated city because, against all pressures and inherent fears, the orthodox and the greek-catholic Bishops were still there and with them, all the romanian hopes of changing things to the way they were after the Great Union. În Cluj, between 1940-1944, Bishop Nicolae Colan together with the greek-catholic Bishop Iuliu Hossu represented the heart of the ro- manian resistance through a peaceful resistance, cultivating a genuine local ecumenism.