TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Virgil Candea’s plea for the status of National Church of the Romanian Orthodox Church
In 1999, when he was vice-president of the Romanian Academy, Academician Virgil Cândea (April 29, 1927 - February 16, 2007) took upon himself the task of drafting a memoir addressed to the Committee on Human Rights and Cults of The Chamber of Deputies, who had, at that time, con- sultations on attributing - or not - in the official documents the status of “National Church” to the Romanian Orthodox Church. This quality of the Romanian Church was, for Virgil Candea, unde- niable. His countless contributions - studies, articles, books - supported the national character of this Church, born early on the Romanian land and never crushed by outside or inside attacks. The present text, never published before, is the result of his efforts of persuading both believers and atheists, those who wish to get involved and those who are indifferent. In addition to his life-long love for the Ancestral Church and her ministers, the text shows his attachment to the nation and the place where he was born.