TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The need for a new translation of the canons of the Orthodox Church
This study aims to highlight the necessity of a new Romanian translation of the canons of the Orthodox Church through the critical, positive and negative, analysis of the previous translations. In this approach, we have attempted to see not only the accuracy of translating a word from a source lan- guage, in our case, Greek, into a target language, but also the way in which a translation can ease or obstruct the understanding of the canon, or even distort the entire meaning of the text. The analysis took into consideration the most important Romanian translations of the canons, including: the Pidalion, Andrei Şaguna’s translation, that of Nicolae Popovici from Nicodim Milaş’s remarks, as well as Constantine Dron’s and Ioan Floca’s translations.