TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Man and his existential value in the thought of philosopher Nikolai Berdiaev
Although he suffered a lot, being four times imprisoned, deported and then exiled, Nikolai Berdiaev’s philosophy was not darkened nor secluded into hostility against the world, but always strove to demonstrate the true essence of human spirit and freedom. His Existentialism is profoundly Christian, assimilating the main coordinates of ecclesial anthropology and morals. Nikolai Berdiaev asserts that man, in his capacity of microcosm, is the center of existence, the sun around which all revolve. Everything is in the man and for the man. In the man is the mystery of universal life. At the heart of his philosophical preoccupations, Berdiaev therefore placed the man. As far as we are concerned, the novelty that his rich written inheritance reveals is undoubtedly the Christian foun- dation of his existentialism.