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Turkey between the European Union and the Eurasian Union
The purpose of this article is to study the process of Europeanisation of Turkey, amid the European crisis. The article presents the history of the negotiations between Turkey and the European Union and the current state of these negotiations. Before the recent challenges that the European Union is facing, widening this geopolitical structure to the East was a priority, but for the moment this goal is postponed. The migration crisis also affects Europe’s periphery, not just the major centers of power. Turkey has to face the crisis of migratory populations, but it does not have enough instruments like the Central European countries. At the same time, it has to continue the steps towards integration, which implies a double effort. Currently Turkey does not meet the conditions for membership of the European Union, so that all negotiation chapters to be closed. To solve this problem, the European Union works towards revealing the mandatory requirements related to the accession process while the candidate country is striving to meet their membership conditions by creating the necessary institutions during the process. At the moment, the Turkey is no longer so interested in joining the European Union, searching for possible alternatives through cooperation with countries such as Russia or China. As a result, the Turkish state is now going through a crisis, with visible signs of regression of democracy, doubled by an increased infl uence of Islam in the government.