TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Past and Its Solutions Against Fear: Romanian-Russian Rela- tionship in History and in present (I): the challenges of proximity
The in-depth study of relations between neighboring nations continues to be a challenge for historical writing and for a wide range of humanistic disciplines, because of the openness of the competition that animates the debates on this topic but also because of the significance that the subject has acquired in relation to the actuality. This double affiliation to the past and to the present has inspired an ample historiographic production, unequal in value and largely sensitive to suggestions coming from the officials. Various points of view supported by references to written memory or own beliefs have never exhausted the resources of originality of this issue. The analysis of the Romanian-Russian relations, which incor- porates all the alleged proximity contacts, is justified, in terms of historiographic interest, by the need to avoid a hostile takeover into certain fields of interest that instrumentalize the knowledge of the past, as well as by the interest in an honest insight into our own capacity to define a constant attitude in relation to alterity.