TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The imaginary and Mioriţa by Valeriu Anania
Writers of the present days, such as Lucian Blaga and Valeriu Anania, managed to update, to give life to some of the folk ballads belonging to the Romanian mythological space, Mioriţa, Greul Pământului and Meşterul Manole. They have rewrote the folkloric works as dramaturgy, in order to stage them, to make the ancestral archetype known to the 20th century civilization. Following a brief analysis of the staged myth, we will pay special attention to the dramatic opera Mioriţa by Valeriu Anania. He managed to renew the myth of Mioriţa and continued its creativity, through the complexity of the language and the verse as well as that of the imaginary.