TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Dialogue with Dan Ciachir about Patriarch Justinian
Writer Dan Ciachir talks in this interview about how he managed to refrain, in his book about Patriarch Justinian Marina, from adopting clichés like "The Red Patriarch" or "Sovrompartiarch", spread in certain intellectual circles ever since. The writer confesses that a key role in understanding the attitude and activity of the Patriarch was played by the hierodeacon (at that time) Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania, who later became archimandrite, archbishop and metropolitan, who was close to Justinian Marina. Dan Ciachir talks about the subtle relationship between politics and religion during the communist regime and how His Beatitude dealt with it at the time, while recounting a few incidents showing the Patriarch's humanity and fidelity to the Church's best interests.