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Valeriu Anania: Two hymnological icons
The article refers to the volume File de acatist (Acathist Pages) by the writer Valeriu Anania, where we find the acatists of St. John the Wallachian and St. Hierarch Calinic from Cernica. Adopting the hymn-acathist formula, Valeriu Anania achieves another unique literary approach. In Romanian literature, the acathist as a poetic formula is unusual. In choosing the formula of the acathist, he was inspired by the Byzantine poets and in his ceremony of discourse „the hymnic jubilee is conjugated with the humble and solemn intonation” and choosing his own way which makes him different from the orthodox Gândirea literary movement. In the acathist dedicated to St. John the Wallachian, the worship of St. John the Wallachian is full of ardor. The second cycle of File de Acathist, dedicated to Saint Calinic from Cernica, is complementary to the first and completing the portrait of the one who chose the path of the purifying monasticism, irradiating light and being a support for his brothers in suffering.