TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Three notes
In this article the author evokes people, meetings and moments that marked him, especially the writer Pavel Chihaia, an impressive literary presence alongside his peers Marin Preda and Petru Dumitriu, also known as a historian of Romanian medieval culture. The text evokes the evenings at Darvari, the first residence of the Anastasia Publishing House. In 1992, Sorin Dumitrescu began organizing some ad hoc symposiums where hierarchs, monks, priests, secular intellectuals were invited, ie the constituent elements of the Church. No such thing has been seen since the Burning Bush. There was a Darvari Moment, those evenings being correlated with the volumes printed at Anastasia Publishing. The author also mentions a sentence of Archbishop Theophil Herineanu which proves his determination in faith.