TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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How to build a miracle
The article focuses on the structure of Muye’s Sighet Memorial, a space in which „young people learn the memory that neither school nor their parents have been able to transmit to them. „Here are documents, pictures, analyzes and testimonies about the atrocities of the communist apparatus, and the halls are named” Falsification of Elections in 1946”, „1948 - Soviets’ Year”, „Creation and Operation of Securitate „Destruction of the political parties”, „Deportations”, „Forced labor”, „The destruction of the Academy”, „Demolitions”, „Persecution against the Churches”, „Repression to Culture”, „The repression of ethnic and religious minorities” Poetry in prisons”. The Museum of Sighet - emphasizes Ana Blandiana - becomes a symbol of suffering, which is a patrimony of our country.