TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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From the Memoirs of Deacon Teodor Savu, a Student in Chernivtsi, Professor in Oradea and Prisoner for the Cause of the Romanian Exile (II)
The memoirs of former political prisoners continue to offer valuable information about topics of particular importance for understanding the recent past in Romania. Such an example would be Deacon Teodor Savu, a prominent Orthodox cleric from Bihor area. The manuscript that we edit sketches the picture of Teodor Savu’s theological evolution in Oradea and Chernivtsi, his activity as a professor at the Theological Academy with some important geopolitical changes caused by the loss of northwestern Transylvania and the establishment of communism as background. Perhaps the most important event described in these pages is Teodor Savu’s taking part in the attempt to bring some orthodox hierarchs to Paris, where a clerical resistance was being established. The failure inevitably led to the priest’s arrest, followed by a whole series of hardships caused by the actions of the communist political police. We have focused on this issue by studying various documents in the CNSAS archives and we have been able to emphasize the attempt of the Romanians in exile to bring Bishop Nicolae Popovici of Oradea among them.