TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Christmas carols, caroling and wishes in Codru - Valea Sălajului area. Study of sociocultural anthropology (I)
The ancient tradition of caroling has been preserved until today* a little altered among the Romanians of Codru - Valea Sălajului area. Being a well-wishing salutation on the occasion of the Nativity and the beginning of a new year, the caroling is specific to the archaic rural communities inhabited by livestock breeders and farmers. Because the tradition was and still is practiced on Christmas Eve, that is, around the New Year, a time when people hold many hopes, its whole unfolding is festive and solemn, and the texts of the carols and the final thanks, are totally optimistic and auspicious. In all the villages of the area, the long-awaited and carefully prepared Christmas evening creates a wonderful folk show that unfolds directly on the great scene of life, as all folk creations used to live in the patriarchal village. Over the course of time, here as everywhere, the practice of this tradition follows some well-established and unwritten, but strictly respected rules. As the tradition is celebrated only once in a year, pre-training becomes necessary. People organize their bands of carol singers and learn together the repertoire of carols and wishes or thanks.