TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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OPEN WORKSHOPS, Conferences and Vernissage at the International Iconography Symposium Iconographers in Otopeni (5th Edition)
The „Iconographers in Otopeni” event took place between October 30 and November 5, 2017 and proposed a new approach to the previous editions, through the participation of 12 iconographers from Romania, Russia, Cyprus, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy. The theme of the international symposium of iconography came under the homage year declared by the Holy Synod as the year of the holy icons, iconographers and church painters, and of commemoration of the Patriarch Justinian and Orthodoxy defenders during the communism. The cycle of painted icons is part of the Church’s confessing work, being a reminder of suffering, but above all a prayer of intercession to those who responded in the Communist era to the call to sacrifice with the happiness of persecution. As the Divine Liturgy updates the sacrifice on the Cross of the Savior, the making of His icon and that of His Holy Martyrs updates the call to repentance, as in the words of Saint Luke, Archbishop of Crimea and Symferopol: „I Loved Martyrdom, Which so Strangely Cleanses the Soul”. In the spirit of this confession, we tried to create the living image of the icon on wood and mosaic of the participants in the opened workshop of this year, among which confessors and defenders of Orthodoxy, Martyrs for Christ in communist prisons or scenes from the Lord’s Feasts. The icons were designed to fit into a museum space at the „Ascension of the Cross” Monastery in Aiud, Alba County. The fifth edition continued to formulate an opportunity for the discovery and sharing of Byzantine Tradition in the contemporary iconographic space, a living and technically accomplished reunion.