´╗┐ TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Elemental and Sophianic. Stylistic Dimensions of Orthodoxy
In the present study I approach the elemental and sophianic concepts in their quality of dimensions of the stylistic epistemology of orthodoxy as a reflection of an avant la lettre expressionism. I also made a few references to German expressionism, which philosopher Lucian Blaga viewed as a cultural style with accents set on a dynamics of an almost secularized activism, also having this cultural style of civilization, of Germanic and Nordic culture. Elemental and sophianic dimensions organically belong to Orthodoxy and these concepts are studied by Lucian Blaga in their various forms of expression from ballads to the construction and architecture of Romanian Orthodox churches. These concepts appear as transfigured antinomies that postulate the mystery of divinity.