TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Icon of the Lord’s Resurrection. Pastoral Letter on the Resurrection of the Lord – 2018
Unlike other events in the Savior’s life, which the Holy Gospels thoroughly describes, about the exact moment of Christ’s Resurrection from the dead, they speak nothing. Since the Holy Gospels and the Church’s tradition keep silent about this moment and do not say how the Savior risen, in Orthodox iconography the resurrection of Christ has never been represented. The very nature of this event, indescribable by the human mind, is the reason why it is not depicted in icons. As the Savior’s body was laying down in the grave, His soul descended into hell to free the souls of the righteous of the Old Testament, souls taken into captivity by the devil, therefore the only justifiable representation of the Christ’s Resurrection is His descent into Hell, which is completed by the icon of the myrrh-bearing women at the tomb of the Savior.