TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Mircea the Great and his votive portrait from Cozia monastery
This essay, conceived by the author as an imaginary dialogue between a layman and a monk, in front of the votive painting of Cozia monastery, describes some aspects of the spiritual portrait of prince Mircea the Elder. The voivode was once called a “godly founder of the country before the judgment of history”. The statement is perfectly true, involving, in the first place, his spiritual dimension, which from the beginning helped him, after founding Cozia, to found a country, properly organizing it and ensuring its independence for three decades. A striking aspect of the votive portrait of Cozia is Mircea’s knight costume, as well as, with small differences, that of his son Michael. From the votive painting, Mircea the Elder appears as a worthy, brave and skillful defender of his peaceful country.