TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Master Simion Silaghi Sălăgeanu: an iconographer on Valea Arieşului - enlightenment in and through the icon
This article analyzes the painting of iconographer Simion Silaghi Sălăgeanu at St Mihail’s church in Vinţa village, Lupşa commune. In the introduction we present our approach and in the second part we describe the iconographic program made by Simion Silaghi in this church, a program that is still completely preserved in the narthex, nave and in the altar. In the third part we propose an interpretation of the iconographic program from Vinţa church and present the icon painter Simion Silaghi Sălăgeanu, also discussing the challenges he encounters, while in the last part we contextualize the iconographic work of Silaghi Sălăgeanu and discuss its topicality, as well as the deciphering keys of the iconographic language. At the end we conclude that Simion Silaghi Sălăgeanu’s work deserves and must be rendered to the Romanian and universal artistic and religious heritage.