TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Old Paintings (IX)
The first part of this article is about Constantin Argetoianu. When talking about Argetoianu, one would think less about the political man. Argetoianu’s name remains in history due to his vast memorial work and his diary, which were both published posthumously. The politician, considered cynical, amoral and versatile, becomes a tragic figure towards the end of his life because of the capital mistake he committed: that of returning to Romania at a time when others were striving to escape from it. The second part of the article evokes the French singer Yves Montand’s visit to Bucharest. His recitals were a major cultural event, as until 1960, apart from russian artists or from other communist European countries, only Raj Kapoor, the Indian actor and director, and Vico Torriani, the Austrian-born Italian, had visited Bucharest.