TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Euthanasia between legitimacy and challenge. Three arguments in favor of euthanasia and their evaluation from a theological perspective
The purpose of this study is to analyze theologically three arguments commonly invoked by those who wish to legalize euthanasia: the argument of dignity, of autonomy and of unnecessary suffering. In response to these arguments, we have shown that, from a Christian perspective, man’s dignity lies in the fact that he is the image of God and is not canceled by illness and suffering. The autonomy of modern man is not absolute, in the face of suffering, man becomes vulnerable, which makes others - the family or the health professionals - decide in his place, and often for euthanasia. With regard to such situations, the solution proposed by the Church is palliative care, which is based on the moral responsibilities or duties of any Christian, whether physician or simply a believer. Concerning suffering, I have emphasized its pedagogical character, the fact that suffering, assumed by the sick through faith, is a means of encountering God. In fact, Christ the Man is the certainty that human suffering can be assumed till the end.