TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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A Theological Reading of M. Eminescu’s Work
This article is a report and an review of the volume Mihai Eminescu’s Religious Thinking, signed by the Father Professor Aurel Jivi and published by Andreiana Publishing House in Sibiu. It is his paper license as graduate of Sibiu Theology, which appeared today under special graphic conditions. The research themes, the way of organizing the material, and the solutions proposed by Aurel Jivi remain, although many other similar works have been published since then, as landmarks for the orientation of critical reading: God at Eminescu, Prayer, Death and Future Life at Eminescu, Dacian deities and of other nations. These are the great subjects of Eminescu’s theological writings, milestones of the competent, balanced, responsible, non-distorted approach of the religious problematics in M. Eminescu’s work.