TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Bishop Nicolae Ivan and the city of Turda
Nicolae Ivan was a key personality of the Romanian Orthodoxy of the 20th century. The relevance of this figure in the history of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Transylvania is shown by his important achievements visible on multiple levels: spiritual, cultural, urban, school. Most of them are related to the city of Cluj-Napoca, but Nicolae Ivan did not neglect the other cities in his diocese, including Turda, who enjoyed his special attention. Turda was part of the diocese that he was leading. In this regard it is noted his care for the construction of the cathedral “Saints Michael and Gabriel the Archangels’’, whose founder was the dean of Turda, Iovian Mureșan. During the interwar, Bishop Nicolae Ivan visited Turda several times, overseeing the progress of the construction of this cathedral.