TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Interwar Scenes (III)
The article analyzes some aspects of the interwar press. Mircea Eliade, Eugen Ionescu and Emil Cioran, the three Romanian writers who were universalized in the last century, were cultural journalists during their youth. Mircea Eliade was a professional journalist. And the other representative intellectuals of the inter-war generation were journalists or publicists too, starting with “its impresario”, Petru Comarnescu. Young interwar intellectuals were not only essayists, but also publicists or journalists. In this respect, Nae Ionescu’s example was decisive for them. Besides the major newspapers, which were also large economic enterprises, there were daily newspapers with a small number of pages and copies. Some of these were read in editorial offices, ministerial cabinets or restricted circles. Inter-war politicians sought to make friends among renowned journalists or those who worked in the big daily newspapers, or, at least, have peaceful relations with them.