TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Literary Work of Metropolitan Bartholomew Anania – homiletic source for stylistic ideas, strategies and ideas
The intent of the present study is to make a lapidary incursion into the literary work of the worthy “laborer of the Romanian language” from the city of Cluj, Metropolitan Bartolomeu Anania, highlighting some homiletic themes and ideas, an approach through which we wish to encourage including the author’s creation amongst the sources of today’s sermon. Thus, we note the necessity of such a thesaurus for the Romanian homiletics, finding with joy that the literary work of His Holiness turned him into an Orthodox Christian missionary among the Romanian intellectuals, who again understood the natural interdependence between faith and culture in the history of the people Romanian. If we all agree that preaching is a “solemn” thing, that is rigorous, very serious, requiring increased attention, then we need all the arguments, even literary, less used, to produce a persuasive speech. Thus, the literary creation of His Holiness Bartolomeu Anania is a first-hand source for the thorough construction of many sermons and occasional speeches, which can also represent vibrant testimonies of not forgetting a dear and generous parent.