TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Personalities of the Great Union. Ştefan Rusu, archpriest of Târgu-Mureş, important figure of the Transylvanian Orthodoxy
The most important and remarkable Orthodox archpriest of Târgu-Mureş was Ştefan Rusu. The relevance of this personality comes from his rich activity and the positions he held. He studied to become a priest attending the Andrei Şaguna Seminary in Sibiu, while in 1902 he was put in charge of the archpriest parish district of Târgu-Mureş, where he served until 1940. Ştefan Rusu was an important voice during the Romanian national movement and, as any prestigious Romanian intellectual; he was a member of ASTRA. During World War I the archpriest suffered the oppression of the authorities and he endured much humiliation from them. He was deported in the concentration camp of Nagymarton. After returning to Transylvania, Ştefan Rusu played his part in the Great Union and attended the memorable event from Alba Iulia. During the inter-war he had a decisive contribution to the process of nationalizing the administration in Mureş-Turda county, on Romanian bases. His greatest achievement is the Orthodox Cathedral „Înălţarea Domnului” from Târgu-Mureş, built between 1925 and 1934. Also, he was senator of the National Liberal Party having several mandates.