TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Interwar Scenes (IX)
The article evokes events and realities from the interwar period: the Paris exhibition of 1937, the inauguration of Queen Elisabeta’s Palace, Queen Maria’s death (1938), Marshal Averescu’s death (1938), the evocation of the soprano Hariclea Darclée in the press etc. A few pages dedicated to the “great European” and politician Nicolae Titulescu evoke the meeting between him and Iuliu Maniu, his return to the country and to politics in 1937, the French foreign minister Yvon Delbos’ visit to Romania, Titulescu’s involvement in the dissolution of the Iron Guard in 1933 etc. Starting with 1938 the political events in Romania rushed up: Carol II’s coup d’état on February 10, the abolition of the 1923 Constitution, the dissolution of the political parties on March 31.