TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Humility and martyrdom in the life and the epistles of the Saint Ignatius of Antioch
The life and death of St. Ignatius represent the model of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, who sacrificed for us on the cross. The saint was a direct follower (from the same historical period) of the apostles and he offers to the Christians an example of living and giving, of life and death, of true discipleship in Christ. What meanings has martyrdom in the life of St. Ignatius, his unswerving desire to resemble at all costs to Christ even through death, his attitude of humility in the face of death? Is it a consequence of the Christ model? An ecclesial meaning, because the Saint, being a bishop and therefore a shepherd of the flock of Christ, could only give an example? Is it a meaning of fulfilling the will of the Lord - an eschatological meaning? A meaning of finding a fast way to salvation? A meaning of eternal communion? This paper tries to answer to these questions.