TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Psychological healing – exorcisms – made by the Son of Man. The relationship between His quality of God-Man and the source of Man’s power
All the diseases and incapacities that Jesus healed fall into three main etiological categories: organic, unexplained and demonic possessions. The third category, demonic possession, justifies some discussions. The idea of demons causing the disease may be difficult for many contemporary people to understand, but this was a widely accepted view in the ancient world. The presence of Jesus Christ meant the destruction of the demonic work within men and the liberation of all those who run to His protection. Similarly, the Church is in a permanent struggle to eliminate all demonic forces out of the Christian life and of the whole creation, through the power of the Holy Cross, of the Holy Sacraments and through church services, exorcising being a long-term work of the Church.