TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Meaning of Christian Hope
In this text, there are some aspects that point to the meaning of hope, according to the Church’s teaching of faith. The world we live in, with its many failures and fulfillments, makes many people lose hope and courage. Many believe that a prosperous material situation is able to increase our level of hope and happiness. There are many difficult moments in life but with faith, on the horizon of our life appears the hope of meeting with Christ in love. To endure everything with the hope of redemption is a comforting thing. Hope is understood as faith directed towards the future. Hope is born in the soul of the Christian through divine grace and helps him to wait, with confidence, for the eternal happiness promised by God. The hope of meeting with God gives man the courage to overcome all the trials of life. The world at the beginning of the third millennium, facing many social and spiritual challenges as well as the secularizing wave that overflows it, needs Christian hope.