TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Valeriu (Bartolomeu) Anania: noi (we)
With a few exceptions, the literary magazines of the Romanian diaspora are not in the spotlight of literary criticism and history in the country. It is true that there have been and still are magazines, newspapers, papers published by amateurs, for longer or shorter times, but there are also publications edited by well-known writers in the Romanian literary landscape. Such a writer, of national stature and well-deserved prestige, was also Valeriu Anania, the metropolitan scholar Bartolomeu of Cluj, Crişana, Alba and Maramureş. Little is known that in early ’70s, while he was in America, in Detroit, as head of the publications department of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America and Canada, he founded and edited a literary magazine, with a less literary title, noi (we). And precisely because the magazine appeared for a short time and with only a small press run, obviously, it is somehow natural not to know too much about it. The article presents the moment of the magazine’s establishment and various aspects related to its content.