TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Religion and science – the possibility of a dialogue. Saint Luke of Crimea, apologist and confessor of Christ in the Bolshevik Russia
Our research is dedicated firstly to an apologetic analysis about the dialogue between “religion and science”. In this manner, we tried to underline the starting point and the background of the Russian dialectical materialism, as a short historical and conceptual presentation of the most important ideas. The second part of our research is dedicated to Saint Luke of Crimea, an emblematic orthodox hier- arch who served the Russian Orthodox Church in the first part of the communist period. He was in the same time a great man of science, dedicated to the medical experience. Saint Luke is presented as an apologist of the Church because of his courageous disputes with the dialectical materialism. In his works we can find many logical answers in the dialogue between religions and science.