TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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“Digital natives” – a generation of isolation and sadness?
“Digital natives”, today’s children are the first generation to be born and raised in a world where their experiences, way of learning and lifestyle are strongly influenced by digital media. A world in which Google is omnipotent in terms of information and the Internet is ubiquitous and always offers, without interruption, day and night, an almost infinite content in terms of diversity, but captivating and enslaving in terms of attractiveness. Born in the digital age, the child is carried and then steps by himself into the world of digital technology, eventually acquiring a familiarity with devices greater than with human beings. He will have to learn to use devices and computer programs easier than he will be able to identify and recognize his own emotions, feelings and moods or of those present in his world, increasingly restricted and limited to his room or to the place where the PC is, his soul growing lonelier and sadder, more and more discontent and unfulfilled.