TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Barrister Valer Moldovan from Turda and the Orthodox Church
Valer Moldovan was, undoubtedly, the greatest political personality of Turda. The outstanding legal expert studied law at Cluj and Budapest and successfully concluded his studies with a PhD. He got involved early in the national movement of the Romanians in Transylvania, as he was a member of the central leadership board of the Romanian National Party. He was the fi rst dean of the Turda Bar between 1923 and 1929. Valer Moldovan was a Member of the Parliament, a deputy and a senator for several years. The highest office he held was Vice President of the Romanian Senate (1928-1929). He was also a member of the Government as an Undersecretary of State and a Ministerial Chief Executive for the Region of Ardeal. Alongside this aspect of his activity, Valer Moldovan was one of the most renowned professors of „King Ferdinand” University in Cluj, at the Faculty of Law. On the political fi eld, he was a member of the National Peasants’ Party until 1947 when the communist authorities dismantled it. He had a very close relationship with the orthodox church in Transylvania and he was a friend of bishop Nicolae Ivan. Lawyer Valer Moldovan was a constant presence in the institutes of management of the bishopric of Cluj. He was also noted for participating in various church events. Of these, we mention the consecration of the cathedrals in Cluj (1933) and Turda (1935).