TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Christ’s Life in the family. The mystery of the family and the mystery of the child
It is well known that the family has always occupied a central place in Christian teaching. It represents the most precious and most holy intimate framework for cultivating and practicing Christ’s love for His Church. The purpose of Christian marriage is to raise and educate children and youth for life, but at the same time, to urge them to “prepare for another life”, as St. Basil the Great said, for eternal life. This text aims to present Christ’s life in the midst of the family, highlighting the trinitarian communion as the “Supreme Model” of unity and understanding of conjugal life, It presents the mystery of the family and the mystery of the child and the perception of children as God’s supreme gift to people. The mystery of the family is also reflected outside the family, because people can become “parents” for other children and the mystery of the child envelops us all, because we are all sons of our Father in Heaven.