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Effects of cyber-addictions on sleep
Sleep is an essential necessity for a person’s physical health and psyche, since its shortening, even with a short duration, severely disrupts the human body and its metabolism. It is generally accepted in all scientific environments that the use, especially in the evening and for both sexes, of digital media, chatting, e-mail and games, as well of continuous availability via mobile phone lead to sleep disorders. Those who lose sleep because of digital media do not commit a simple offence, but a very serious crime against their own body. For it is a mistake to believe that insufficient sleep causes only short-term fatigue. In the long run, insufficient sleep leads to low immunity and thus to the frequent occurrence of infectious diseases and even cancer. The best recommendation, however, for a quality sleep, is to say, before going to bed, a thanksgiving prayer for all the good things that God has given us on the day that ends. And so, falling asleep with good thoughts and prayer to Christ in mind, our sleep will be, as the prayers say, a “rest for body and soul”.