TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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A love story: Istanbul and Arvo Pärt - A musical and geographical pilgrim report -

The travel report of the author to Constantinople in 2010, as a journalist accredited to the International
Music Festival in Istanbul, is built from three perspectives: tourism, essays and music. The author
investigates the religious meanings of the concert “Adam s lamentation”, composer Arvo Pärt,
which premiered at the festival in Istanbul and tries to correlate them with the mystical meanings
of Constantinople, where ancient and medieval civilizations intertwine as a bridge between Europe
and Asia, between Christianity and Islam. Is the methanoic concert of the Estonian Orthodox master
able to prophesy a spiritual future of this ancient multi-religious metropolis?
Keywords: Istanbul, Arvo Pärt, the International Music Festival in Istanbul, “Adams lamentation”,
Agia Irini church.