´╗┐ TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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“O, Theotokos, protect the Orthodox people from the sword, from the invasion
of foreign armies, and from civil war”

The Procession of sufferings that annoys us has its origin in sin but salvation involves being closer
to God and leading a normal spiritual life. Terrorist attacks, wars endanger people’s spiritual identity.
Therefore, after the two world wars of the twentieth century, an expression of people’s sins,
the founders of the European Union have sought to create an area of peace and prosperity. They
proposed to save Europe, with its Christian origin, preserving its values. Observing how secularized
Europe is today and that its staff, by virtue of “political correctness” no longer refers to our roots,
we can not help but think to the historic fall of Constantinople and, before it is too late, we must
strive to stop Europe’s spiritual fall. We live in a society divided and fractured by sin, both in our
Romania, where fortunately there is peace, and in the whole world, tested by terrorist attacks and
wars. Who can save us? Christ and the Virgin Mary. The Holy Mother of God, protector of Romania
and of the whole Europe, is called in prayers of the crowds of believers, asking for help.
Keywords: Christian Europe, the spiritual fall of Europe, Fall of Constantinople, wars, Pr. Theodore