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Sandu Tudor and the troublesome pen. 2016 - 120 years since his birth

CAMELIA SURUIANU, Sandu Tudor and the troublesome pen. 2016 - 120 years since his birth
Sandu Tudor was one of our most representative journalists in the interwar period. After leaving
the magazine “Gândirea”, he begins to issue, at his expenses, a new cultural publication, entitled
“Floarea de foc (Fire Flower)”. In its pages the journalist poved his journalistic talent, the articles
refl ecting a keen sense of observation and also his gift as a “great pamphleteer,” as Nicolae
Carandino called him in his diary. However, after a confl ict with the authorities, “Floarea de foc”
will be forced to suspend its activity. Therefore, Sandu Tudor publishes a new magazine suggestively
entitled “Credinţa (Faith)”. Every day, the newspaper was debating political issues, acts of
robbery, rape, murder, sport and culture. In each number, “Credinţa” also had a page of Orthodox
spirituality. Sandu Tudor paid great attention to press releases coming from the church. Because
it had an impressive circulation, some of the costs were supported from advertisements. After a
few years this magazine also came to the attention of authorities and when the Carlist dictatorship
began, the newspaper was forced to end its activity. However, considering the topics he approached
and the powerful manner in which he argued his opinions, Sandu Tudor showed great courage in a
very unstable time both politically and socially.
KEYWORDS: “Credinţa”, “Floarea de foc”, journalist, pamphlet, courage.