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Eminescu – Poetry, faith, science

MIHAELA MALEA STROE, Eminescu – Poetry, faith, science
The article proposes a reinterpretation of the work of Eminescu, particularly the poem Luceafărul (Morning Star), from the perspective of two studies about Eminescu: one, The poem as a blessing and a curse, signed by dr. Theodor Damian, theologian and poet, and the other one Eminescu and fundamental concepts of modern physics: time, Space, Universe - by dr. Petre Osiceanu, a physicist researcher. Science and faith are convergent in Eminescu’s perspective on divine Creation. Therefore,
the poetic message of Luceafărul could also be that balance, fl awless harmony of Creation as a whole is maintained, on one hand, through the action of physical laws on what can be quantified, on the other hand by the action of the Word-creator, preserved in the Scriptures and meant to shine beyond worlds and times over all conscience, being or invisible, immeasurable making.
KEYWORDS: Eminescu, „Luceafărul”, Theodor Damian, Petre Osiceanu, science, faith