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Claudia Procula – an unexpected presence in the drama of the Passion

VIOLETA DANCIU, Claudia Procula – an unexpected presence in the drama of the Passion
Procula exists because of her dream and, above all, because of her determination to make this dream
known to her husband. The privilege of being chosen as the recipient of a sign is what gave life to this character, and her life, until hard evidence or written records that must exist somewhere are
discovered, is just a guess. Only one event and one record, with no other parallel places to confi rm
the reality or the objectivity of this account of what happened. Without verse 19 of chapter 27 from
the Gospel of Matthew, nobody would have asked if Pilate had a wife or if she had something to say
about Jesus Christ. She could have forever remain a secret follower of Christ or ignorant of Him.
Matthew brings to light the vague image of this woman, which he outlines only by suggestions and
not by clear accents, and then gives her a place in history, secondary it is true, but memorable, just
as he had done with the myrrh-bearing woman from Bethany. The episode inserted by the evangelist
Matthew in 27:19 is not the story of a failed attempt, but he immediately fi nds his answer in
the equally intriguing episode of Pilates washing of hands, and a second answer in the prospect of
opening the dialogue between God and the Gentiles.
KEYWORDS: Claudia Proclua, Pontius Pilate, the Savior’s trial, the Lord’s Passion, Claudiei Procula’s
dream, Matthew 27:19