TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Confessional Religious Education or Ecumenical Religious Education?

CRISTIAN SONEA, Confessional Religious Education or Ecumenical Religious Education? Case study
on the Orthodox confessional school in Cluj-Napoca
The present research undertakes matters concerning the religious education in Romania, by attempting
to assess the contribution of such kind of education to the contemporary Romanian society.
In addition, this research defi nes confessional religious education, as well as ecumenical religious
education, thus justifying the option for a confessional religious education. Not only does the
paper analyze the status of the religious education in Romania, as presented in a few educational
laws, but also the concrete effects of the legislature, as captured in the history of the confessional
orthodox school of Cluj-Napoca, presented as a case study. In the actual Romanian context, we opt
for a confessional religious education, relying both on the theological principles that legitimate the
participation of the Orthodox Church in the ecumenical movement and on the local particularities
of the Romanian and Transylvanian orthodoxy in a pluri-ethnic and multi-confessional space.
KEYWORDS: confessional education, ecumenical education, Romanian Law of National Education,
ecclesiology, religiosity, orthodox confessional school in Cluj-Napoca