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Sandu Tudor. 2016 - 120 years since his birth

CAMELIA SURUIANU, Sandu Tudor. 2016 - 120 years since his birth
Even today there still are doubts about the importance of Sandu Tudor in the Romanian culture, especially
since the research about the “Burning Bush” are still at the beginning. Whoever judges him
by his poems from the lay period or by his theological essays left, after his death as drafts and chaotically
and carelessly published since 1990, can, for good reason, consider him to be a minor writer,
undeserving an exhaustive research. But as more and more researchers are convinced of the impact
that “the Burning Bush” had in that time, and religious poetry of the movement’s leader is published
in optimal conditions and commented, a reassessment of the entire personality of Sandu Tudor is required.
So this writer deserves to be known especially as a journalist and as a religious poet, through
his poems written after he embraced monasticism and have not been published before 1990.
KEYWORDS: the Burning Bush, leader, poetry, literature, prayer, political convict.