TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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St. Anthim the Iberian and St. Constantin Brancoveanu

AURELIA BĂLAN-MIHAILOVICI, St. Anthim the Iberian and St. Constantin Brancoveanu
The study examines the role of the saints Anthim the Iberian and Constantin Brancoveanu in an era
severely tested. Constantin Brancoveanu has assumed the role of devoted prince, protector of the
books and printings and founder of many churches in Wallachia and Transylvania, where help was
needed to maintain orthodoxy, especially through printed books and support given to churches, to
halt Uniatism. In Constantinople, Constantin Brancoveanu met the talented Andrew the Iberian
and, as suggested by the patriarch Chrysanthos Notara, good friend of the Romanian culture and
civilization, he hires the worthy and talented Iberian Andrew, later known as Anthim the Iberian.
St. Anthim will become a great typographer, a great scholar and a great servant of the Church in
Wallachia. The two saints also had some misunderstandings caused by defamations.
KEYWORDS: St. Anthim the Iberian, St. Constantin Brancoveanu, Wallachia, Romanian language,
Romanian press