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Religious novel (St. Ambrose of Milan)

CONSTANTIN CUBLEŞAN, Religious novel (St. Ambrose of Milan)
The article represents a chronic to the volume Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu, St. Ambrose of Milan,
one of the best of its kind (if not the only one) of our modern literature, a religious novel of remarkable
scale. Bishop Ambrose’s life is marked by tragic events caused by the convulsions of the Roman Empire, under the leadership of seven Imperators, to which he is a witness and a judge. Constantin
Virgil Gheorghiu reconstructs, with novelistic means but without diverging from the reality in
which he expressed himself, the biography of this high priest, watching him throughout his confl icts
with the mighty of the Empire, proving to be unwavering in his religious Christian beliefs, always
being fully aware of his mission as God’s representative on earth.
KEYWORDS: Constantin Virgil Gheorghiu, the novel „St. Ambrose of Milan”, religious novel, Roman